Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Moving Day is Near!

Do you know how hard it is to move with an 18 month old underfoot? Holy crap! We're moving locally, so we've had the luxury of being able to go back and forth between the two places for the last 10 days, but it hasn't really been easy. I spend a few hours here in our old place packing, then head over there after B's nap to clean and put stuff away. I can't really bring anything between the two while I'm alone because once I get to the new place it's a flight up, and who knows how far away I have to park, so I can't just leave her in the car or inside while I run back and forth. I have to wait for the hubs to come home, or for my mom to come over.

But, the pressure is on. The movers are coming on Saturday. I just spent some time packing, and I think I need to run out for more boxes in the morning, then come home, and pack like a crazy woman. Friday morning I'll be over at the new place waiting for cable to come.

I think the people underneath us at the new place complained about us already. Bitches. The rules of the co-op (like a condo, but a little different. They're pretty much only popular in NYC.) state that we have to have 75% of the floor covered with carpets. The previous owner left his carpets, and they are pretty much covered, but a baby running around in an empty apartment with no furniture is going to make noise. I called the management company for some issues, and when she asked me what unit number it was, she snapped, "Oh! You know you need to have those floors carpeted!" I felt like she was accusing me of something, and why mention carpet when I was calling about a broken window and a door that isn't up to code unless someone said something. It was her tone. Whatever. I told her the previous owner left the carpets, and if it was fine while he was here, it's fine for us.

Who could be hating on this kid, anyway?

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B. said...

I've found local moves even more frustrating than distant ones, but I've always been one to rip off a bandaid in one fell swoop rather than gingerly, slowly, ease it off. In any case, moving sucks, even when it's to nicer/bigger/better digs. Good luck!