Friday, March 4, 2011

Leaving my baby!

April is going to be a big month for leaving Miss B behind. We're taking a much-needed three night trip and leaving her with my mom for 4 nights. An early flight necessitates the extra night. I'm a little worried about my mom having her for 3 full days because that's a lot of running after her. I'm also going to miss her so much! I've only been away from her twice overnight and it felt so weird. Both times she was with my mom and we were just a half hour away at home. This time we'll be a three hour flight away. Yikes!

The week after that I'll be away overnight again... by. my. self. I am going away for a girls' weekend. Getting on a plane. Meeting a friend as soon as I land at 8am waiting for another friend to land an hour later, and then the insanity begins. Sassy is staying home with her Daddy. I suspect they'll both be going to sleep at the same time, especially since I'll be leaving before they're up in the morning. I wonder how many texts/phone calls I'll get. ;)

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B. said...

Ooooh- Have fun! I'm not even close to willing to leave Charlotte overnight yet. I've been job-hunting, and it's traumatic enough just considering putting her in full-time daycare.