Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Happy Teeth!

Except for the fact that she goes to sleep like a dream every night between 6 and 7, but then wakes up screaming like a banshee 2 hours later, this is one happy kid! She laughs and giggles all day long. Charms every stranger she sees by giving them her toothy little smile. Today I carried her in my arms into Hallmark because she's getting too heavy to carry in the infant bucket, and with all the snow here combined with my clumsiness carrying her in it isn't a good idea, and that store is way too crowded for the giant Chicco Cortina that the bucket goes in. (I knew when I left the house I was going to Hallmark - that's why I went out! so I don't know why I didn't grab the MacLaren as I left. Oh, probably because I'm lucky I remembered to dress myself.)

We've been leaving a dim light on in the bedroom when we put B to bed, so that if she wakes up and cries, we don't have to turn on the bright overhead light to get her. Last night when I put her back to bed after her 2 hour banshee act plus a feeding, she was babbling to her mobile, so I turned the light off so she couldn't see it to talk to it. She quieted right down and fell asleep, just like she does after I feed her at 5:30am. Only took me 4.5 months to figure that one out. Momma's a genius! Tonight she started her banshee act again, so I went in there and soothed her, then turned the light off. She was sucking her thumb and quiet within 30 seconds.

I hope this kid has more common sense than I currently do. I may have qualified for MENSA pre-pregnancy, but these days I belong under a dunce cap.

Monday, December 14, 2009

These are the days

There are some days I don't think my whole body gets wet when I shower because I do it so quickly. The important parts get clean.

I'm sure I've gone out without brushing my teeth.

I know I've gone out without brushing my hair, and I've gone days and days without washing it.

I almost went out in slippers the other day.

Shave my legs? What's that?!

Makeup? The people at the grocery store don't care if I look like a hag. I'm shopping during the day anyway, so the store is full of senior citizens that have worse skin than me.

I've done laundry in my pajamas. At the laundrymat.

I often eat a Pop Tart for breakfast because i can put it next to me on the sofa or bed as I feed Miss B. I often end up with the filling smeared on my shirt anyway because I'm such a klutz, so cereal would be a disaster.

The forgetfulness doesn't only extend to things I do to myself. More than once I've changed a diaper, only to forget to put a clean one on her. It's always happened at night, when I'm dead tired. I notice it when I pick her up and realize her pajamas are too roomy. Luckily I've always caught it before she wet herself.

Can you belive she's almost 4 and a half months old? I hardly can. I still look at her in amazement every day.


Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Giving Thanks

Wow! I can't believe it's been so long since I updated! B is now 4 months old and we all survived her first cold. We also survived her first long car trip.

We spent Thanksgiving in NH with my family, and I was a little nervous about the trip. I rode up with my mom, because the husband had to work Thanksgiving morning. She's a hideously slow driver, and most rides in the car have a soundtrack of me saying, "You cannot be the slowest car on the road! It's just not safe!" Because when you're on I-95 surrounded by trucks blowing by at 80 and 90, you do not want to be in the Accord going 67. Yes, she sets her cruise control for 67, and even then she's nervous going those two whole miles per hour over the speed limit. Oy vey. Anyway, we stopped a few times on the way up, mostly for me to pee, because my bladder just isn't what it used to be. We only stopped for me to feed B once. She did get a bit cranky towards the end of the trip, but I was cranky too, so I don't blame her. The trip home was much better. I think it took us a little over 3 hours, only stopping for me.

Despite the recent loss of my dad, there was much to be thankful for this year. Last Thanksgiving I was miserable for so many reasons. This year we were surrounded by all the new babies. They were all so much fun and so good. It's amazing how much has changed in a year.

Just over a year ago I got my BFP. I never thought I'd see that. Every day when I look at little B I'm amazed that she's here. She's such a happy girl. Always wakes up with a smile. Always chatty and giggling. I barely remember what it's like to not have her here.