Monday, December 14, 2009

These are the days

There are some days I don't think my whole body gets wet when I shower because I do it so quickly. The important parts get clean.

I'm sure I've gone out without brushing my teeth.

I know I've gone out without brushing my hair, and I've gone days and days without washing it.

I almost went out in slippers the other day.

Shave my legs? What's that?!

Makeup? The people at the grocery store don't care if I look like a hag. I'm shopping during the day anyway, so the store is full of senior citizens that have worse skin than me.

I've done laundry in my pajamas. At the laundrymat.

I often eat a Pop Tart for breakfast because i can put it next to me on the sofa or bed as I feed Miss B. I often end up with the filling smeared on my shirt anyway because I'm such a klutz, so cereal would be a disaster.

The forgetfulness doesn't only extend to things I do to myself. More than once I've changed a diaper, only to forget to put a clean one on her. It's always happened at night, when I'm dead tired. I notice it when I pick her up and realize her pajamas are too roomy. Luckily I've always caught it before she wet herself.

Can you belive she's almost 4 and a half months old? I hardly can. I still look at her in amazement every day.


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B. said...


I hope you're finding some time, every now and then, to take care of yourself too!

Love the bit abo9ut the diaper and roomy pajamas. I'll try to remember that when it's my turn.