Monday, May 24, 2010

That wasn't fun

Two weeks ago, the boy and I both woke up feeling really shitty. My throat didn't hurt but I couldn't swallow, and I was just exhausted. Ok, exhausted more than usual. I felt bad enough to go right to the walk-in doctor as soon as they opened. DH didn't go, but he did have a fever. The next morning he went to the same doctor, and while I was there they called me with the results of my strep test. Positive.

B had been slightly feverish, and had a runny nose the week before. Never more than 101.1, and she was mostly herself. We'd also been to the ped for her 9 month check up and I told him about the fever. He said she seemed fine, there were no signs of anything, so don't worry unless the fever got high.

With me having strep, DH probably having it, I wasn't taking a chance. I called the ped and got an appointment for later that morning. Just my luck, Dr. K walked in. Grrrr. I told him her symptoms from the week before, and that I was just confirmed with strep, and that DH likely had it. Before I could finish talking he told me, "Babies don't get strep." He had her swabbed anyway and I waited for the quick results. (Of course he didn't tell me why I was waiting, he just left and said he'd be back. Oh joy.) The quick test came back negative, and he sent me on my way.

Three days later the ped office called. Positive for strep. Three days! Why was my test and DH's test back in 24 hours? I was fuming. I was fuming at how he dismissed me, at how he treated me, and at how long it took for them to get back to me with the results. I ran out in my strep-induced stupor (I was completely dysfunctional, DH even more so because he's a man, after all) and got a prescription for her. Good old pink bubblegum tasting amoxicillan. Aahh memories.

Today was the last day of her antibiotics, and it didn't end soon enough. Her sleep has been awful, her appetite either nil or ravenous, and the ravenous, when it happens, happens every 2 hours all night long and is accompanied by the worst crying you've ever heard. She cries a lot, too. ;-)

5.9.2010 (97)

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Not recommended

Pooping in the tub. Gross. Especially when you're doing bathtime solo. It was made even worse by the fact that she was getting a menthol bath because she's got a cold. Poop + menthol x water = oh holy freaking gross. We've been using the Safety First Bath Seat, and once I got B all cleaned up and into the exersaucer for safe keeping, I had to pick poop out of all the grooves and crevices of the seat. Soft, mentholy, wet poop. Gag. Gag gag gag gag gag! The tub, tub toys, and seat were bleached within an inch of their lives, and I almost never use bleach. In fact, I no longer had a big bottle of Clorox around, and had to use a spray bottle of bleach bathroom cleaner that I only happened to have until it was finished because I've been using vinegar to clean for the most part. So, yeah, bleached everything, then soaked everything in the tub with vinegar to get the nasty bleachiness off of it.

I hope that was the first and last time for that bit of fun.