Friday, December 26, 2008


We had an ultrasound on the 17th, and we go to see the heartbeat, and confirm there's just one peanut in there. My only consistent symptom remains being tired all the time. I occasionally get nauseous, mostly at night, but I've only actually tossed my cookies twice.

Sometimes I still don't believe it's real. Maybe when my clothes start getting too tight it'll be more of a reality. I bought my first maternity clothes today because they were on a huge markdown. I've got my eye out for something cute, because my 20 year high school reunion is in March. As if I'll find anything. I'm already far from thin, so I'll just look even worse in 3 months. Bleh.

It was an email that prompted me to go looking for a sale on maternity clothes. I got an email from a website that's going out of business. Their jeans were marked down by 70%. Unfortunately these were the jeans:

Who wears these? How do they stay up? I can't even imagine they'd be comfortable. They must always feel like they're about to fall down.

Sunday, December 7, 2008

So far...

I called my RE Friday morning, because I wasn't sure whether to call her, or my OBGYN. As usual the RE's office was rude, and basically told me since I hadn't been monitored this cycle I was on my own, and call them if I needed them again. Wow. Not that I expected anything more from them, but it really never ceased to amaze me how lacking in compassion these people were. If this sodabread I've got baking away sticks, I'll be sending an email or letter letting the RE's office know exactly how enormously shitty they are.

I spent the rest of the day trying to get through to the OBGYN, but always got the machine. Finally I decided it was an emergency and I held on for the service to answer, just so I could find out their hours. They're closed on Fridays! So now I'm anxiously awaiting morning so I can call. I hope they can get me in tomorrow.

I've been slightly nauseous all weekend, but only threw up on Friday night, and I think that was just from the food I ate while I was out with a friend. Other than that, all I want to do is sleep.

Thursday, December 4, 2008

Sooooo I peed on a stick

...and there were 2 beautiful pink lines. We're in shock, and a bit of disbelief.

46ish cycles, 1 HSG, 3 IUIs, 4 SAs, Clomid, stress, arguments, tears, anger, frustration, and the one month we take a break, the one month we only did the deed once, the month we didn't try.

Thank you all of you who have kept me in your prayers and thoughts, those of you who have rooted for us in the short time I've been blogging. Thank you, truly. I hope you all get your moment like this, and I hope to read every single happy word of it.

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

To POAS or not?

I didn't really chart this month, but all signs pointed to O 2 weeks ago today. No sign of the red menace, no typical symptoms other than my usual bitchiness. My LP is usually 17 days, so I'm hesitant to even consider POAS yet, especially since I have low progesterone and didn't take any this cycle. I have to go to Target tomorrow because it seems it's the Christmas season, so I should get on the ball about cards, so I guess I'll pick up a box of pee sticks while I'm there.

As much as I'm trying not to even consider that I'll get a BFP, in the back of my head I keep thinking that it will have worked this month because we didn't try.