Monday, January 4, 2010

Insanity, Remembered

I have heartburn from tonight's dinner, and remembered a bit of insanity from my insane delivery. I had horrendous heartburn throughout my pregnancy, and carried around the largest size Tums they sell in Target because I ate them so often. While in labor I was dying of heartburn and it was taking forever for a doctor to approve something for me to take. I begged them to let me have some of my own Tums, but they had to get a doctor to approve that as well. Finally I begged my husband to just give me one... just one... please! It was the second best thing I ate during that ordeal.


B. said...

So what was the first best? If you mentioned it already, my pathetic, pregnant-memory has forgotten. I haven't had any real heartburn (knock-on-wood)... yet. I can see how Ishka taking up so much space will become a real issue in the near future, though.

I'm all ears for whatever tips you have on handling GD. Dr. Google is great, but there's nothing like hearing from someone who personally dealt with it, and recently too. I'm waiting for a call with my appointment time to see a nutritionist and I don't even know what to ask yet.

IrishNYC said...

Believe me, my memory is shot these days!

The first best thing was the cinnamon bun one of the on-call OB's allowed me to eat while I was in labor. My GD had pretty much gone away once I was in labor, I hadn't eaten anything in over 30 hours, and I was ready to claw someone's face off. I pretty much cried to anyone that would listen to either let me eat or send me home.

I'm sorry to read about you being diagnosed with GD too. I promise it's not as bad as it seems, although it's very overwhelming at first. I sent you my email address via the comments section of your blog, as well as a separate response with just a few tip. Please feel free to use it!

The best advise I got from the nutritionist I saw were some examples of snacks that would work for me. Most of those "100 calorie" packs of snacks are a good snack for between meals, or even as dessert if you've had a low/no carb meal. Be in tight control of your portions of carbs. The GD diet was the one diet I never cheated on because it wasn't only hurting me.