Sunday, January 31, 2010

Growing so fast!

Last week I finally retired her last two pais of size 0-3month pajamas because she couldn't really straighten her legs out in them. The 3-6 month pjs were still huge on her. Tonight I put on a pair of pajamas that just last week were too big. Her feet didn't quite reach the pj feet, and the sleeves were way too long. Now the length is perfect for her, and I only had to fold the cuff once. I know they didn't shrink because they're fleece, and they've already been washed a few times. I'm squeezing her into these as long as I can because I don't want to have to buy pajamas for winter and only have her wear them for a week or two before she's ready for summer pjs, since we seem to go from freezing winter to sweltering summer so quickly here in NYC the last few years. (Wait, that's not true. We had a mild summer last year. I'd really like that again. I don't think we had the air conditioner on until August last year. My electric bill was happy!)

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