Friday, March 20, 2009

Kid, you don't make things easy, do you?

Wednesday was the anatomy scan to make sure the girly has all the parts she's supposed to. Dr. Bitch, who did my ultrascreen sono and beat the shit out of me, did the anatomy scan too. She's got the personality of a cold dead fish. Baby wasn't moving much, so Bitchface kept jabbing me with the wand to get her to move. Babygirl is just like mamma and was none too pleased by that and ignored Dr. Bitch. Good girl! Then Bitchypoo decided that my amniotic fluid was low, therefor I must be leaking from my amnio and now I need to be on bed rest. She went to call my OB to consult with him, but he happened to be in the office.

Off JB and I went to his office where he confirmed that my fluid has always been low, and he didn't think I was leaking if I hadn't noticed anything. He said I did not need to be on bed rest, but should take it easy. Take that, bitch. He did recommend I get a second opinion at the hospital by the doc that did my amnio, and that doc would be able to do a better anatomy scan.

So, off to the hospital I was this morning. This doctor confirmed my fluid is and has always been on the low side, and he was able to see almost all of baby, and confirm things are in working order. He's bringing me back again in 2 weeks to recheck my fluid and get a better look at her face to make sure she doesn't have a cleft lip, and he wants a better picture of her heart. Her heart looks fine, he just wants a better picture.

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