Thursday, March 5, 2009

2 + 3 = 0

Second amnio, three doctors, nothing.

The second attempt at an amnio yesterday was yet another no-go. The placenta is still anterior, and every time a small pocket that might have worked opened up, there either wasn't enough fluid, or the baby's head was too close to risk it. Three doctors were in the room with me for the 45 minutes or so that they tried to get this done. They tried everything - me laying on my side, having my bladder full, shaking my stomach, having me cough to make the baby move. Nothing worked well enough.

We did get to see a lot of the baby this time, though. The spine was very clear, bones in the hand and arm. We saw it kick. We even saw details of the heart, although not enough to be assured it's a properly formed 4-chambered heart. That's not what we were there for, so it's not even a concern to me.

The fact that we were able to see so much of the baby this time gives me hope that next week everything will work out just fine and it'll be done at last.


Mo and Will said...

Wow. How frustrating. Glad they decided not to risk anything tho if they couldn't get a good access point. Hoping next try is the one that does it!


Xbox4NappyRash said...

that waiting must be dreadful.

Hope it all comes right.