Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Can you believe I'm STILL waiting?

CD20, and still no IUI.

The FNP reprimanded me this morning for having the Follistim delivered there. I never did like her, and I've had words with her before, so this was just lovely. I'm a freaking slave to going there everyday, and no one could tell me for sure whether this package was coming on Friday or Saturday, and it required a signature. I sure as hell wasn't sitting around all day waiting for it when they're there 7 days a week.

I also asked her when exactly I needed to take this, since it was so urgent in the first place, and she said, "Well, maybe next cycle." I wanted to knock her goddamn head off. I cannot believe that they made me almost hysterical trying to get the meds, then she answered me so non-chalantly?

Of course I'm back AGAIN tomorrow for blood again. I feel like I'm ovulating right now. This minute. But no phone call from them to say that I was showing a surge in my blood today, but who knows.


Heidi said...

Why do they have to be so difficult? I know this is their everyday job, and they have to do this allll the freaking time, but don't they know that this is our entire world?? We live, breathe, or hold our breath based on what they have to say. I hate that we just have to bend over and take it.


(shenshe from your new msn board)

IrishNYC said...

Hi Heidi!