Saturday, September 10, 2011

Potty Training!

I can't believe how long it's been since I've posted here. Life with a two year old is pretty busy, I guess! Sassy's speech evaluation turned out to be fruitless. She was so close to qualifying for help, but didn't. We were advised to have her evaluated again at 2, but in the last few weeks her speech has absolutely taken off. We even get sentences now, and she's become quite the little parrot. My favorite phrase of hers lately is "____ weh ah yooo?" This started about 10 days ago when we were at the beach with my sister's family. We all got back in our cars and were heading to meet our aunt, and Sassy kept calling out, "Bitbit (Elizabeth), weh ah yoooo?" "Mlahmlah (Grandma), weh ah yooooo?" Sadly, she's also taken to calling me, "Mommy" instead of "Mamma." :-(

Potty training is going VERY well! We bought one a few months ago after we moved, and left it out for her to explore for a while, but it was nothing but a toy to her, so we put it away. Then a couple of months ago we bought the Elmo potty training DVD, but she showed no interest in that either. Thankfully, that was put away, too, because it's probably the WORST DVD ever. I'd rather watch 24/7 Barney. Last week when we came home from vacation we put the potty in the bathroom. She knew what going potty was from us talking it up and seeing us go, so she sat on it, fully clothed, right away. After a few tries at that I took her diaper off and let her try. The first time she went, I think was complete luck, but we praised and clapped and "good girl!"ed it up. She did it a second time the other day. Today she told me she had to to peepee, so I sat her down. We'd been having a bad day all around, so I didn't buy it, and didn't have patience for it, but within a few minutes she told me, "Peepee coming!" and a minute later, there it was! No rewards, no bribes, she just seems to be getting it!

My biggest fear after potty training? Brining her in public bathrooms. *cry* I thought about that more than once on our vacation. The railroad station where the stall was up a step and barely had room for a roll of tp, the rest area bathroom on I-95, the public bathroom in Ptown, the bathroom on the harbor cruise boat. Ugh. I don't want to go in some of these places, let alone deal with a toddler in them.

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