Monday, September 6, 2010


Girlfriend has learned to scream. Hold me. It's not cute little baby crying at the top of her lungs screaming. It's all out, "OMG I'M BEING MURDERED UP IN HERE!" style screaming. People in the general vicinity who don't realize there's a baby here must surely think there's some sort of torture going on in the neighborhood. The neighbors upstairs just moved out 2 weeks ago; I hope the new ones are prepared. They're in luck anyway - we're about to move, too. Howdy new neighbors! Enjoy the ear piercing screams! I'm already mortified.


B. said...

When the new neighbors move in, you can bring them baked goods or whatever small token of welcome is generally given in your neighborhood, along with a package of earplugs. :-) Poor little one... when I hear a baby scream, even if it looks like there's no provocation involved, I always wonder what's going on in their little heads to make them need to yowl. Is she sad along with the screaming, as if something's wrong? Or does she just like making a LOT of noise? Good luck!!

IrishNYC said...

We don't live in a "friendly" neighborhood like that, unfortunately. Big city living and all. People just aren't friendly.

I think she's crying in a, "OMG I might be missing something fun!" way, when really all she's missing is me collapsing on the sofa in exhaustion.