Wednesday, August 25, 2010


It's amazing how everything has clicked for Sassy since she turned one. No more bottles, no more baby food (she refused most table food before unless it was mashed beyond recognition), she's just about walking! Best of all, no more 11pm feeding. We'd tried several times to see if she whether she'd wake up or not if we didn't dream feed her, and she never made it through. Most times she woke up just around 11 anyway, and once made it to 12:30. All of a sudden the other night she flipped the hell out when we got her up for her bottle, so we put her right back down and she went back to sleep. The next night - same thing. She cried and screamed, and slapped the bottle away. The next night I filled a bottle with milk, put it in a cooler bag next to the bed, fully expecting her to wake up. Nothing. Monday night - same thing. Last night I finally said I wasn't wasting another 6 ounces of milk (it's too warm in the morning for me to be comfortable giving to her). I'd get up and fill a bottle if she needed it. Nothing.

This is awesome!

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