Tuesday, April 27, 2010

No time to post, I'm chasing a baby!

Sometimes at nap time or bed time I just need to sit here and relish the silence and calm. Life with an eight month old is anything but.

At B's six month checkup I was worried that she could only roll in one direction, and couldn't sit on her own at all for even a second. Here we are two months later and she can sit, scoot on her butt, almost crawl, turn, throw things, and grab anything in her reach. She can also cruise along the sofa and ottoman if I stand her up. She'll pull herself up on me if I'm sitting on the floor with her, and I caught her trying to pull herself up in the crib the other day. She hasn't really tried it on the furniture yet, but as I sit here watching her as I type, she pulled herself up from sitting to standing with the use of her toy chest. Heart attack time.

As for the throwing... OMG. I'm just waiting for something to go through the TV. Living in a tiny NYC apartment, things are tight, so the TV is never far from throwing distance. I've thought about mounting it higher up, but our walls are either steel and some sort of material we've tried to drill into and can't, or cardboard, so I don't think mounting is a possibility.

Really, she's such a pleasure. She's content, giggly, smiley, and adorable. I could sit and watch her all day, and generally, I do. She "dances" when she hears music, and "sings" when we get in the car. She travels well, and sleeps easily in new places. Last week I went to see my sister and it was so fun to watch her with my 15 month old nephew. This weekend we'll be seeing him again, along with my 11, 12, and 14 month old cousins. It seems like a lifetime ago that I would have been avoiding this upcoming weekend like the plague.

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