Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Airport Security

3:15am Saturday morning we woke up to head to the airport to fly to Florida. This was after a 2 hour car ride to get to the airport, and a night in a hotel. I was exhausted to say the least. Seven of us got to the airport at about 5am for a 7am flight. Four adults, one 5 year old, a 22 month old, and a 6 month old. Our little family of 3 took up 6 bins at security. Then, as usual, I set off the metal detector. It's always my underwire. Always. They always insist it's not, and then then wand me, and guess what? It is my underwire. So, B and I are in the little wanding area, the rest of our group is repacking all our bags and theirs, and the TSA agent is being a chattering conversationalist. We got to our gate as they were calling the third group for boarding.

That alone was reason enough to do nothing for the next 7 days.

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