Thursday, October 7, 2010

Hungry Girl... and then I went on a tangent

Miss B has been sleeping through the night with no dream feed for about 2 months now, I guess. It's soooo nice to go to bed at 9pm if I want and not have to worry about feeding her. However, twice this week now she's needed a bottle. Once at 11pm, and last night at midnight.

The first night I didn't realize she was hungry and just kept trying to soothe her. When nothing worked, the husband got the bottle she hadn't finished before bed. (Yes, she still gets a bottle at bedtime. It's just a part of our routine that I'm not ready to give up. B probably is, but not me.) She sucked down the 2 or 3 ounces of milk left in there and was looking for more, so we gave her another 3 or so. She went right back to sleep when she was done. Woot!

Last night she woke up at 12. I had just fallen asleep, so I went right for the solution that worked the night before - a bottle of milk. JB got her out of the crib while I filled a bottle. I came back and B started chatting it up. "Hi! Hi? Hiiiiiii." Sorry, kid, cute does not work at that hour, especially when Momma isn't feeling good. Just drink your milk! She settled in and started drinking right away.

While she was drinking I realized how big she'd gotten recently. Yesterday I put a pair of Gap jeans on her that were 6-12 months and they were tight at the waist, and way too short. They were still too long and too big last week! All of her 6-12 tee shirts are suddenly belly shirts, too. She's still got some smaller things that she fits in, like 9 month size Carter's onesies, and a few 12 month shirts from sets, but I don't really want her wearing just tops from matched sets because I don't want the shirts wearing before the pants.

There are 5 or 6 bins of baby clothes all stacked up in our bedroom. I've pretty much come to terms with being done having babies, and I'm pretty sure my bff, sister and sister-in-law are, too, so I'm considering selling them. We don't have any consignment shops nearby, and many friends have told me that you don't make much that way anyway, so that's out. I'd love to have a yard sale, but we don't have a yard or anywhere else to set up. I think yard sale season might be over anyway, and we're so busy we wouldn't be able to do it until a few weeks from now anyway. I think I might go the way of craigslist and sell lots of items. The prospect of cash right before the holidays sounds good to me. Whatever doesn't sell that way I'll donate. At least we'll get the tax write-off, and someone that needs the clothes can use them. What worries me about craigslist is actually selling it. I've already tried to sell a travel swing and bouncy seat, and didn't even get one email on them. Maybe I was overpriced, but I looked at other ads for similar items to price it, and you'd think I'd at least get some lowball offers. I ended up giving the swing to my cousin, but I still have the bouncy. I want to get rid of stuff before we move! At least the clothes are packed up, but OMG now that I'm thinking about all the other baby stuff that isn't packed and I don't have boxes for... ugh!

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B. said...

Wow- classic growth spurt symptoms, no? I was just thinking a few days ago that Charlotte didn't grow much between her 4- and 6-month pedi appts. Now, just two weeks later, she seems to have sprouted up another half inch. And sleeves that had to be rolled back just last week are the perfect length today. It's nice to hear an update from you. I'd love to see a recent photo of B. Still a redhead? Be well!